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Photographed and written by Peggy Crawford

Now available in English and in French

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Saada, Woman Seen from the Wall

American Photographer Peggy Crawford has visited Yemen frequently since 1985, and through the years has cultivated many friendships. Having entered the intimate lives of a people not easily encountered by a casual westerner, she shows us a life rich in color and atmosphere. Her stories lift the veil, bridging a gap between Islam and the West at a time when lack of understanding seems the order of the day. Perhaps it requires the sensitivity of a woman, connecting with other women, to calm the fury of men....

Maraashi, Mud Stairwell

In his preface Jean-Claude Carrière reminds us that "in Yemen beauty is everywhere - almost aggressive...To contrast with the dry hard mountains Yemenis paint and ornament their houses as richly as they can. The houses are made up like faces and they are as exposed as the faces of the women are hidden. Fortress and village perch on the mountaintop as if to extend its shape..."

Beit al Faqih, Conversation

It is this beauty that is threatened by belated modernization, so belated that it is coming on 'like gang busters.' What will remain when this frantic enthusiasm has run its course? A disturbing thought -- In this regard, Peggy Crawford's harvest of images and feelings remain as testimony of glories that may well soon be lost.

Terraces of Coffee Trees and Qat Bushes


FORMAT: 7"x 10" (18 x 27 cm.)

160 pages, hard-bound with cover

54 full page images in color

Publisher: Editions NICOLAS CHAUDUN, 7 Rue des Francs Bourgeois 75004 Paris, FRANCE

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Yemen Door 1

After spending her early years in Cincinnati,Ohio, Peggy Crawford traveed widely in Europe, China, Japan, th Middle East... In 1985, invited by Claudie Fayein, French doctor and ethnologist, she visited Yemen for the first time -- it was love at first sight. She has returned there eight times since then, having entered with tact and tenderness into the intimate lives of a discreet people not easily encountered by a casual Westerner. She has brought back thousands of images and stories of the inexhaustible wonders of this mysterious land, and this book is an anthology of those treasures. About her, Jean-Claude Carrière wrote, "An American wonan whose great grandfather fought during the Napoleonic wars, Peggy Crawford who came to study in France in 1936 and who discovered Yemen at nearly seventy years of age must be rare today. I take little risk in saying that Peggy Crawford is unique."

In French, it reads: Originaire de Cincinnati, dans l'Ohio,la photographe américaine Peggy Crawford a multiplié les voyages in Europe, en Chine, au Japon, au Moyen-Orient...En 1985, à l'invitation de Claudie Fayein, médecin et ethnologue, elle visite une première fois le Yémen. C'est un coup de foudre. Elle y est depuis retournée huit fois, s'appliquant avec tact et tendresse à percer l'intimité d'un peuple volontiers mystérieux. De ses séjours, elle a rapporté des milliers d'images et autant de souvenirs, témoins d'un inépuisable émerveillement. Ce livre en est le florilège. A propos d'elle, Jean-Clude Carrière a écrit: "Les Américaines dont l'arrière-grand-père a combattu pendant les guerres napoléoniennes, qui sont venues faire leurs études à Paris en 1936 et qui ont découvert le Yémen à près de soixante-dix ans doivent être aujourd'hui très rares. Je ne prends guère de risque en disant que Peggy Crawford est unique."

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